PFi Review

idRisk have worked with a number of local authorities, health authorities and other government agencies to help them assess the correctness of the regular insurance reports (JICR’s) that are produced every 2 years under the Project Agreements of PFi contracts. We are pleased to say that we have assisted these authorities achieve some clarity and certainty in how the Insurance Review provisions of the contracts are implemented and we continue to offer this service to any party who may have some doubt as to the correctness of any report they have received.

Risk Review

Every company or organisation has a duty to identify the risks that may impact on them. Often this is captured in a Risk Register which codifies the risks and their potential severity. Often this Risk Register is not tied into the organisations Insurance program, which can leave gaps. idRisk will can help an organisation review their risks, their attitude to risk and how these risks are mitigated. We can review the insurance program with an eye on the risk profile of the company.

Employee Benefits Adviser Review

Although you may have a sound working relationship with your existing Employee Benefits Adviser (Broker), it is good business practice to conduct a review on a regular basis to ensure they are the best strategic fit. With our Employee Benefits Adviser Review Service, we work with you to understand all the services you need from an adviser, and produce a high-quality ‘Invitation to Tender’ (ITT) or ‘Request for Proposal’ (RFP). Our process includes managing contact with existing and prospective advisers, arranging adviser discovery meetings, reviewing adviser tender responses, checking references, and organising formal presentations from the shortlisted advisers, with full support for every part of the process. We assess each adviser’s performance and assist you in making your final decision, providing you with an audit-quality report at the end of the exercise. You can then feel confident that you have selected an adviser that can fully meet the needs of you and your employees.

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